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Hardwood Refinished Flooring

Many times, homes have pre-existing hardwood floors that are simply in need of a refinish. Though an old wood floor may seem dull and unexciting, we’ve been in the business long enough to recognize the potential hardwood has to change the dynamic of a room. Instead of replacing your current wood floor with a new version in a different color, consider what might be hiding right under your feet. With our expert refinishing abilities, we can make an old hardwood floor shine and light up a room just like new.

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Prefinished wood is popular for its ease of installation and the relatively small inconvenience it causes the customer. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and finishes, installation is simple and when you work with us, you’re always working with an expert.

Although there are many options in prefinished hardwood, site-finished wood floors allow for more control over customization. Because of this appeal, many clients will choose to deal with the extra time and care involved in the installation to get the floor of their dreams. We use the latest techniques and technology to give you the look you want with the least amount of disruption, including dustless containment systems as well as custom colors and finishes.

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